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试验机附件Conditioning devices, hot-gas generators, corrosion devices, impressure units, temperature chambers, vacuum chambers, cooling systems

The intelligent concept for complex test structures

In order to facilitate an operation related test of your components, we offer a multitude of mobile test devices in addition to our test systems.

The repertoire comprises:

- conditioning devices
- hot-gas generators
- corrosion devices
- impressure units
- temperature chambers
- vacuum chambers
- cooling systems, etc.

Due to their mobility and flexibility, these „little assistants“ can be applied at any place in your test laboratory and can be operated comfortably and user-friendly via our control systems.

That way the components can be stressed under operation-related environmental influences in addition to the mechanic stresses.

An intelligent conception for the development of complex test structures consists of:

- flexible add-on elements
- environmental simulation systems
- clamping devices and
- load application elements like e.g. clearance-free joints, angular flexible coupling bars or spring steel joints

The advantage of these SincoTec components is, that they can be applied in nearly all standard test systems. For further information regarding clamping devices please see category "products / clamping devices"