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应用Software for resonance test systems, software for hydraulic systems, pneumatic systems as well as spindle actuators, software for customized test systems

Software for resonance test systems

The principle item of our resonance test systems is the software package EMOTION, which is applied thousandfold in industrial and academic research and development laboratories. We keep developing this professional and fully developed software and test it in our own test laboratory intensely. The advantages of this software are the high flexibility and the enormous coverage of the additional options.
Using this innovative test system control software EMOTION II, you have not only the possibility to accomplish single step tests but also static characteristic curves, burst tests, block programs, crack mechanical tests and even RANTEC tests (service load tests). Moreover you can pilot additional devices like hot-gas generators, corrosion pumps, measuring devices, cooling systems, etc.

Different additional modules offer the opportunity to survey and to record the test parameters and the results like e. g. time recording, online classing, FFT, form factor, etc.

Our evaluation software LABMOTION makes it possible to evaluate your results statistically regarding the range of endurance and fatigue strength directly at the test system or via network access at the work station. As result you will obtain a documentation of your test, ready for issuing the report.

Software for hydraulic systems, pneumatic systems as well as spindle actuators

Regarding hydraulic and pneumatic systems as well as spindle actuators, our software FLOW MOTION offers also the opportunity to accomplish uniaxial tests, multiaxial synchronized tests and block programms beside static tests.

Using the software as a station, several test systems can be controlled at the same time and new test systems can be arranged or rather configurated quickly and flexibly.

Software for customized test systems

For your customized test systems we also develop, beside mechanic and eletronic, the necessary software to control and to survey the test systems.
The programming of the special software solutions is effected with Delphi, C++, LabView and Embedded Linux.