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The favorable alternative to hydraulic

Contrary to the widely spread opinion, it is possible to generate loads with frequencies up to 50 Hz with pneumatic technology using diaphragm cylinder technology. Up to a load of ca. 10 kN up to 20 kN the pneumatic technology often is a favorable alternative to the hydraulic technology, because the purchase costs, the operating costs and the costs for infrastructure are of less importance.

SincoTec has a wide choice of servo pneumatic standard and special test systems at its disposal. This test technology is predestinated to carry out uniaxial as well as multiaxial single step or multi step tests.

Using innovative test devices, bending, torsion and superposed loads can be induced beside axial loads

Dazu wird ein flexibles Baukastensystem zum Aufbau von komplexen Versuchsaufbauten angeboten.

For this purpose a flexible add-on system for the assembly of complex test configurations is offered.

Using the intelligent controller TEST PILOT AIR, single step, multi step as well as service load tests with force or stroke control can be accomplished. The professional software package TEST MOTION offers the opportunity to survey and to record your tests.

Regarding special test systems we respond to your requirements and develop customized test systems.

The development and manufacturing of these test systems are carried out for all industrial fields: Automotive, aerospace, railway, medical engineering, shipbuilding and others.